Adventure with Karel Zeman

Spring is coming and the epidemic situation in the Czech Republic is still challenging. Anyway, we should rejoice in little things to improve our spring mood. Notebooks with motifs from the film Invention for Destruction are being printed for us by the PVNX23 company with high-quality screen printing so that every detail stands out and, at the same time, each piece has its original trifle. Thanks to screen printing, different shades of colors blend or there could be a slight blur, which does not disturb the film motif on the notebook but creates interesting details that make each notebook original. Write down your knowledge and experiences in the design notebook and discover new pages of life with Karel Zeman, whether you are on an adventure trip or planning it at home yet. And because you can choose from classic lined and unlined notebooks, it will be good enough to write or draw into them.

And how to tune in to the right adventure? With fantastic films by Karel Zeman! The inspiration of Karel Zeman by Jules Verne will get you into the story and gives you a traveling spirit that will awaken a desire for adventure in you. The Stolen Airship, Invention for Destruction, or Journey to the Beginning of Time are ideal films for still cold spring evenings, during which you are planning your upcoming adventures. You can buy Karel Zeman's films on Blu-Ray or DVD.

Get inspired for fantastic experiences!

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