New ecological packaging

Karel Zeman Museum is still closed in the current situation. However, we remain positive. I mean negative, but in a positive mood. We have always tried not to waste and protect our planet as much as possible, and that is why we have desired for a new way of packaging products. And since we can not welcome our visitors in the exhibition, we have finally had time for that. We have created new ecological boxes that save the environment, make it easier for you to wrap Christmas presents and make you happy with unique wishes on each box!

Now, we send you your orders in recyclable and environmentally friendly boxes. The plastic age has already past. We have changed plastic bubble envelopes for paper boxes, where we manually print the logo of the Museum with a personal message, unique to each order. Products are packed in a white silk paper, covered by a Museum sticker. In each odrder, we add a thank you note and instructions for participating in a monthly regular-based competition for valuable prizes.

Have you already received such a package? Tag us on your social networks and participate in the competition as well!

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